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ATTC Student Taxidermy Photos
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Summer 2014 Graduates.
Pictured left to right: Darin Vander Veur, Justin Green, Ken Swartwood, Holli Cloyd, Sara Ness, Jason Miller
2014 Summer Graduates Darin Vander Veur
Ken Swartwood
Holli Cloyd
Jason Miller
Justin Green
Sara Ness
Spring 2014 students, left to right:
Ty Hecker, Kevin Klockman, Mitch Olsen, Jim Seitzinger, Jeremy Miracle, & Jared Danke.

Spring 2014 Taxidermy class graduates

A few of our graduates from prior years:

Left Photo, clockwise from top left: Gordon St. Peter, Joe Mackintosh, Travis Ruff, Kortney Ahlstrom, Marc Anderson, Angel Parker
Right Photo, clockwise from top left: Gordon St. Peter, Instructor Steve Fundum, Kortney Ahlstrom, Angel Parker, Travis Ruff, Marc Anderson, Joe Mackintosh,

Winter 2013 graduates
Winter, 2013 Graduates
Winter 2013 class
Watching icicle demonstration

Summer 2012 Graduates

Left Photo, From left to right: Abigail Blanks, Rodney Case, Jake Fahrenbruch, Wayne Brown, Gerald Ford, Catherine Coan
Right Photo, clockwise from top left: Catherine Coan, Wayne Brown, Abigail Blanks, Jake Fahrenbruch, Rodney Case, Gerald Fordc

summer 2012 graduates
summer 2012 graduates

Spring 2012 Graduates

2012 Spring Graduates
Above left to right: Isaac Gustafson, Jared Delaite, Brent Ruddell, Darren Cook, Kassi Wohlbrandt.
Below: Securing finished mounts for trip home!
Packing specimens Packing specimens Packing specimens

2011 Summer Class
From left to right:
Joe VanAllen, Sharon Radley, Randy Widdicombe,
Cody Griffith, Joshua Hicks, Steve Knox
Antelope Taxidermy
Randy Widdicombe with Antelope Mount
Whitetail & Muledeer
Sharon Radley w/Whitetail & Mule Deer Mounts
Mallard Taxidermy
Joshua Hicks with Mallard in Water Scene
Skunk Taxidermy
Joe VanAllen with Skunk in Snow Scene
Skunk Taxidermy
Randy Widdicombe with Skunk in Snow Scene
Skunk Taxidermy
Cody Griffith working on details..making sure eyes
are clean and smudge-free.
mallard taxidermy
Steve Knox prepares Mallard in Glass Case for
the trip home.
Rug hats
After six tough weeks, students get to wear
rug hats!

graduating class
From left to right:
Brad Wirgau, Mark Ladwig, Michael Parsons, Colby Phillips, Chris Campbell, Virgil Hampton

taxidermy collage

Justin Keffeler
Justin Keffeler
Justin Keffeler
Cody Burson
Cody Burson
Cody Burson
Alfredo Fuhrimann
Alfredo Fuhrimann
Alfredo Fuhrimann
Adam Lacquement
Annette Hathaway
Rene' Williams
Stephen Thompson
Justin Evans
Dan Feaga

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