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News & Updates:
*Six week classes are full for 2017. Please see our 2018 schedule for next year's availabilities.
*We have 1 opening for this year's Two Week Gamehead course.

Steve & Ro FundumDo you want to learn taxidermy...and be able to guarantee your work for life?

Intro: Whether you want a full time career in taxidermy, or just a great way to make extra money in today's economy, it is important to learn state of the art techniques that will stand the test of time! We offer customers a lifetime guarantee on all our taxidermy mounts. After learning our techniques, you can do the same!
If you are serious about learning state of the art techniques from an award winning instructor with nearly 30 years of experience, then we would love to have you attend our school! Over the years, we have helped to launch countless new taxidermy careers. After all these years, we still enjoy sharing our knowledge, and we still enjoy running our own taxidermy studio. Choose from our popular 6 week Full Course, or our 2 week Gamehead Course.

Summary: In both course choices, we provide you with first rate specimens. All finished projects are yours to keep. Once you learn our methods you will be able to run your own commercial taxidermy studio, and earn an income doing something you love!

Below are Quick Answers to the most basic questions you will have as you begin your search for taxidermy schools. Or, browse the links at the top of the page for more in-depth information. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you cannot find the answers to!

How much does your taxidermy course cost?

Tuition for our Six Week Training Course in 2018 is $6,295. Tuition for this year's (2017) Two Week Mammal Course is $3,495.

For both courses, tuition includes everything, from specimens & tools, down to notebooks and pens for taking notes! Your only extra expenses will be for travel, meals, and housing. You get to keep everything you mount, giving you a great showroom from the start! If you add up what it would cost to have all of your class projects mounted by your local taxidermist, factor in the cost of the hides and skins, then add the fact that you're getting a great education on top of it, you'll see that our tuition price is extremely reasonable! Please see our Tuition page for more details.

What is covered in your taxidermy course?

Our full Six Week course covers mammals (gameheads, lifesize, & rugs), as well as birds, fish, habitat, business setup, and more. Our Two Week Mammal Course includes mammals, custom antler plaque, habitat, and business setup. Please see our Taxidermy Courses page for details.

When are classes offered at your taxidermy school?

Our full six week taxidermy course is offered in the winter, spring, and summer. Our two week gamehead course is offered in late August. Please see our Schedule page for exact dates.

Why should I choose ATTC over all the other taxidermy schools?

This is a very common question, and we always have the same response....In order to honestly critique another school, we would need to attend their program first hand. We would need to observe things such as teaching skills, quality of techniques taught, and whether the curriculum allows adequate time for all of the important details! These are a few of the observations that would tell us whether or not that school teaches techniques that allow their students to be successful, and guarantee their work for life!

Of course, it is not practical for us or any other taxidermy school to do that. We are not in the business of making assumptions about other training programs. Instead, we put our effort into making sure we continue to do everything possible to ensure you receive quality training at our school! We have been teaching for nearly 30 years, our training is up to date & very detailed, and our successful graduates are proof of this. So please take the time to research our site, check our references, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Where will I stay while I'm attending school in Montana?

Various well equipped motels and cabins are available, and prices vary according to season. Please see our Housing page for a detailed chart of availabilities.

Where is your school located?

ATTC is located in the NW corner of Montana, in the small town of Thompson Falls. Please see our Location page for more info about our area, and our Map page for driving directions.

In addition to teaching, do you also run a commercial taxidermy shop?

Yes, we run Something Wild Taxidermy, and it is operated from the same location as our taxidermy school.

We hope the above information is helpful as you begin your research into taxidermy schools. For more detailed information please browse the individual page links. And finally, our FAQ's page answers questions you may have after browsing through some of our key pages. Enjoy browsing our website, and please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

We appreciate your interest in our training. Thank you for taking the time to browse our site during your busy search for taxidermy schools!